I was tagged by mimispring and I thought this would be a fun thing to do to celebrate 1,000 followers! :)

  1. Disney or Dreamworks?
    I absolutely LOVE both of them, but since my absolute favourite movie ever is The Lion King (I really mean FAVOURITE movie) I guess I have to go with Disney.

  2. Ghosts or Aliens?
    Ghosts. I’m absolutely terrified when it comes to aliens. I don’t care if they exist or not - DO NOT TALK TO ME ABOUT ALIENS.

  3. What’s your favorite gaming platform(s)?
    All the Nintendo consoles, from N64 to Wii U. Why? THE LEGEND OF ZELDA. SUPER MARIO. MARIO KART. MY KIND OF GAMES.

  4. Do you have a favorite sport?
    I dislike most sports (because I suck when it comes to sports). But if you really want an answer, I think i’ll go with… ice-hockey (all swedes must like ice-hockey)

  5. Have you played video games since you were a child? If so, what was your first video game?
    We had a Sega Saturn when I was young and I often played Clockwork Knight on it (beautiful game, look it up!). I also played alot of Wave Race and Super Mario 64 on Nintendo 64. Those are the games I remember the best from my childhood.

  6. What’s your favorite fast food restaurant?
    Mc Donald’s. (We don’t have many types of fast food restaurants here SO JUST GO WITH IT)

  7. Do you believe that the world will be in peace?
    Even if it’s possible, we have a loooong way to go. Hell, not even the AC-fandom can get along!

  8. Do you believe in urban legends?
    I don’t know if I believe them, but I love urban legends either way…

  9. There’s a zombie apocalypse, the item on your left is your weapon. What is it?
    "OH NO - ZOMBIES!"
    "Don’t worry, I HAVE A PILLOW!!! LET’S HIT THEM WITH IT"
    Yeah. I would be really popular in a zombie apocalypse.

  10. Do you read any horoscopes? If you do, do you usually believe what they say?
    I don’t believe in the ‘daily horoscopes’ that you can read in the newspaper every morning. But I do believe that our zodiac signs can tell us a little bit about our personalities.

  11. Would you rather live an environment surrounded by nature or more modern like the cities? Why?

    I LOVE the nature.
    When I’m sad? I take a walk in the forest and everything feels better.
    When I need energy? I take a walk in the forest and everything feels better.
    When I’m… yeah, you get the point. Nature makes everything better :)


1. You get the chance to marry whoever you like from the AC-games (lucky you!). Who will it be?

2. If you could travel to any country in the world - which country would you choose and why?

3. The best movie ever made is…?

4. You get to choose one place from the AC-games to live in for the rest of your life. Which place/game do you choose? (example: the homestead from AC3, Nassau from AC4, etc.)

5. Favorite season of the year?

6. What is the best game you’ve ever played?

7. What are your hopes for future AC-games? (location, characters, era, etc.)

8. You get to choose ONE person (anyone you like) to have a dinner with. Who will it be?

9. Congratulations, I’ve invented a time-machine and you will be the first person to test it! What year do you want to travel to?

10. Tell your followers something they didn’t know about you!

11. The last, and most important question… CATS OR DOGS?!

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kenw-ayy replied to your post: Disappointed.

I can’t play rogue either since they decided to ignore PC gamers and Wii-U owners. But I do own a ps4, so I shouldn’t really talk but it’s really unfair and I feel so bad for you ? They also forgot the huge amount of pc-gamers - they’re there too.

I understand you! Even if I would be able to play Rouge I would still like to play Unity and I guess it’s the same for you (but the other way around). But I guess I have to accept that I won’t be able to play either of them, and I’m sure I will in time.

To be honest I wasn’t TOO surprised to see that Rouge won’t be released for Wii U but the fact that it won’t be released for PC kind was kind of a shock…

Anyway, thank you for your answer and kind words! Big hugs!!

Anonymous asked:

There's multiple reasons it's not on Wii U. With last gen hardware compared to the Wii U, the 360 and PS3 were slightly better but not by much. But with the current gen, the One and the PS4 have such a hardware difference from the Wii U that it would almost look and feel like a totally different and clunky game. The U just isn't meant for games like Unity. It wouldn't run well.

Yeah, I get why Unity won’t be available for Wii U and that’s why I’ve (almost) accepted the fact that I won’t be able to play it.

But it feels like Ubisoft releases Rouge to “comfort” people who doesn’t own a next gen-console - but it’s like they forgot PC and Wii U players, especially since all the other AC-games have been released on all of these platforms.

Anyway, I really appreciate that you took the time to write to me :) I’m sure that I will “accept” these things in time. It’s just that AC is kind of a big part of my life so this was really bad news for me…


I’ve tried to accept that I won’t be able to play Unity and I’ve comforted myself with the fact that Ubisoft had promised another AC-game this year for the “other” consoles. And now they’ve announced that game: Assassin’s Creed Rouge. I was quite excited about it until I saw the last bit of the trailer. “Exclusively for PS3 and Xbox 360”. Nothing about Wii U.

When Unity was announced as a “next-generation only game” and Ubisoft started talking about another AC game for all of us that didn’t have a Next Gen-console I immediately thought that would include us Wii U-owners, since both AC3 and Black Flag was available for us. But apparently not.

This means I won’t be able to play ANY of the AC-games that comes out this year. And that makes me not only sad, but disappointed. I’ve seen myself as a true Assassin’s Creed fan but suddenly Ubisoft puts an end to that - just because I own a Wii U.